Shop Gilbert

Shop Gilbert, Earn Frequent Flyer Miles


For nearly a year the Town of Gilbert, The Gilbert Chamber of Commerce and The Gilbert Republic have been encouraging you to “Shop Gilbert”.  You have read articles from community leaders giving you great reasons to Shop Gilbert and Keep your tax dollars in town, working for you.  I would like to list The Mayors Top Ten Reason to Shop Gilbert:


10.   Local Businesses are, well local, and closer to your home, save time and gas.

       9.  The people who work there are probably your neighbors.

8.       Local business sponsors many of our town events.

7.    If you kid is looking for a part time job, this is probably where they area going to apply.

6.  If you need a job, this may be where you apply.

5.  We need to encourage more business to open in Gilbert, and nothing says come to Gilbert like other successful businesses.

4.  There is a good chance you may be talking to the owner of the business when you shop in Gilbert.

3.  Our sales tax is among the lowest in Arizona so you save money buying in Gilbert

2.      When you shop in Gilbert it is like getting frequent flyer miles. A  percentage of what you spend goes to pay for your police, fire, parks, etc.

1.  People who opened their business in Gilbert have made huge personal investments in our town.  In some cases their life savings.  We need strong healthy businesses in our town and they need us to shop with them to stay strong and healthy.  Shopping in Gilbert is just the right thing to do for everyone

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One Comment on “Shop Gilbert”

  1. I think that what Mayor is doing by hosting these blogs is wonderful. His work is outstanding and I love the town of Gilbert, my home.
    I am proud to be a resident of Gilbert and enjoy the wonderful events that this town has, especially what the chamber has to offer to everyone. It makes one feel closer to the town.
    I thank the Mayor and his officials for doing a great job.
    Dr. Berni Massari
    Integrative Health Patient Care

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