Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt

As like many people I try and watch what I eat but it is hard to not indulge every once in awhile. Golden Spoon is a great treat that is actually good for you. Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt started in Southern California and has been around for 25 years. They opened the first Golden Spoon store outside of California in 2004 at the Gilbert location. There are now nine stores in the valley.  Non-fat Frozen Yogurt like Golden Spoon is recommended by many dietitians as a good way to get the newly-increased daily allowance of dairy products. It’s a good natural source of protein and calcium. In addition to these nutrients, yogurt adds the benefits of healthy digestive cultures, found by independent studies to have beneficial properties. Golden Spoon’s process ensures that these live cultures are active and present in the final product. And dieters appreciate that Golden Spoon Yogurt is non-fat so feel free to indulge! They have 12 flavors offered everyday. We rotate those flavors each month. They always have a December Quart Special. It starts the first Monday after Thanksgiving. They will also will be selling $25.00 Gift Cards for $20.00 for the Christmas season. They are located at 754 S. Val Vista Dr (in the Fry’s shopping center). You can also check out their website at  Golden Spoon is famous for making the best Frozen Yogurt the world has ever known! That’s why they call them the “Ice Cream Lover’s Frozen Yogurt.”
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