Gilberts Veterans Day 2008

One of Gilbert’s newest traditions in our own celebration of Veterans Day. Much like the question “Why did it take so long for someone to decide to put wheels on luggage”, I have no idea why it took so long to have our own Veterans Day.  Veterans Day has always been special to me.  I was in the Army during the War in Viet Nam, my dad was a disabled Vet from World War II, my grandfather was a disabled Vet from WWI and my moms grandfather was in the Union Cavalry during the civil war.  My family has a tradition of war time military service, many families do.  I think it is wonderful the way we honor our current veterans, it hasn’t always been that way.  It has been said before: all who served gives some, some who served give all.

This year our special guest speaker was Capt. Frank Schmuck.  Frank is an Air Force Academy Graduate and a member of Arizona’s Veterans Hall of Fame. He is a riveting speaker.  The event was a great mixture of patriotism, martial music, recognition of our veterans and a community picnic.  If you attended I know you enjoyed yourself, if you didn’t, try to attend next year.  Our veterans, as young men and women, traded their “today’s” for our “tomorrows”.  It is absolutely no exaggeration to say without our veterans we wouldn’t have our country and everything that means to each of us.  One of the great ironies of life is that our soldiers risk their life every day for our right to be disrespectful and ungrateful for their sacrifices.  If you meet a vet, thank him, you owe him more than you will ever be able to repay.




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