Water Tower Park

November 8th Gilbert opened its newest park, Water Tower Park. Water Tower park is part of our historical district and is different than many of our other parks that are built around youth sports.  This park is a pedestrian park with water features, shade and seating area’s.  Perfect to meet and relax with your friends and family after enjoying a nice meal or a play at the Hale Theatre.  The park not only helps revitalize our downtown area helps preserve two of Gilbert’s very limited historical landmarks.  The old Water Tower has been a well known landmark for Gilbert since it was erected over fifty years ago.  It has been painted and repaired and should be a point of pride for us for many years.  A less known landmark in the water tower park is the small adobe building just below the water tower.  It was originally built as a pump house, but for many years Gilbert didn’t have a jail, so the pump house saw double duty.  Something tells me that on a hot summer day the old pump house/jail would make Sherriff Joe’s Tent City look like a room at the Princess hotel.

Just this week Business week Magazine named Gilbert as the best place in Arizona to raise a family.  Last month Money Magazine/CNN named Gilbert as the best place  in Arizona to live.  These recognitions don’t just happen. Gilbert is an upscale community and our citizens have a right to expect a certain quality of life, and our park system is a part of that.  You will no doubt hear some political rhetoric about this as well as our other parks and that is all it is, rhetoric.  Gilbert only sets two tax rates, sales tax and property tax.  Of the sixteen municipalities in Maricopa County that have a property tax, Gilbert has the thirteenth lowest rate.  We also have the lowest sales tax rate in Maricopa County.  Only about ten percent of your total property tax is accessed by the Town of Gilbert.  The other ninety percent goes to the schools, community colleges, county fire district, library district etc.  The amount you actually pay to Gilbert is probably less than you HOA dues.  Our town is very well managed with the goal of giving you full value, not minimum service for your tax dollars.



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