Dr. Paul DiMaggio, Gilbert Dentist

    Most of my blogs on local business’s are about retailers and restaurants.  I think I sometime over look the service providers in our community.  We have a lot of great dentist in Gilbert and if you have found one, that is great.  If you don’t have a regular dentist I would like to introduce you to Dr. Paul DiMaggio. This guy is incredible.  His office is scrumptiouslyclean and actually fun with old Hollywood displays.  If a dentist office could be like Disneyland, this is the place.  He replaced a forty year old filing today, no pain, no discomfort.  I was surprised at all the “extra” things he did that I have never seen before, to make the procedure easier.  He even had a rubber gizmo that held my mouth open (usually people are trying to hold it closed) so my jaw muscle’s wouldn’t fatigue during the procedure.  No one goes to a dentist office to have fun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while you are there.

    Dr. Paul DiMaggio has been practicing dentistry in the Gilbert- Baseline Road area for over 22 years. In his 29th year as a practicing dentist, Dr. DiMaggio has developed an exceptionally gentle and pain free approach to his dental care. He treats all of his patients’ with the compassion and service you would expect from such a seasoned professional.  With his team of Michelle, his head receptionist, and Laura his chief assistant, They provide their services in and ultra modern and uniquely designed new dental facility. A “Hollywood movie studio” serves as a backdrop for the after photo of a cosmetic smile transformation. Dr DiMaggio also conceived and designed a Planetarium and media center that serves as an entertainment center for his patients’ enjoyment. He is located ¼ mile west of Gilbert and Baseline roads in the Gilbert Township Villa professional office complex. 1757 E. Baseline Rd Ste 109 Gilbert. His office number is # 480 892-8199.




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