Riggs Elementary Running Club

Miss Stacy Sher is in charge of the running club that started last year when Riggs Elementary opened. The schools runs practices twice a week in the mornings for about an hour each day. They start the day with a morning stretch, then the 6th grade through Kindergarten line up and start the run. They chant..”pace not race”, the course is approx. 1/2 a mile. Each time the students run around they get a popsicle stick and hold onto them. At the end, they count how many sticks they have, 2 sticks equal 1 mile. Some students run 5 miles each time. Then, once a month they add up how many miles each kid has. Every 5 miles equals a foot token. The students wear them on a necklace. It’s a necklace of feet that represent how hard they worked at practice. Students can get into the 25, 50, and 75 mile clubs. It’s just incredible!

Starting in January Riggs Elementary will have 3 races against 6 schools. Students race against their grade and gender. Ribbons are handed out to the top five places at each level. Everyone gets a popsicle. Riggs Elementary did awesome last year during their first time at the races. They took 1st or 2nd out of all the teams there. The kids are really dedicated and the parents are too. They have so much support, it’s great to see how many people enjoy coming out and exercising.

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