La Vie Nail Spa

La Vie Nail Spa has one of the newest and different type of Pedicures. It is with fish! They have about 8 fish tanks and all you do is put your feet in the tank and the fish actually eat the dead skin off your feet. The fish are very little and they come from both China and Malaysia. Between each service the tanks are cleaned and the fish are taken out. La Vie is one of the first spas in the area to offer the fish spa.

It is a very fun experience! It does tickle a little but overall it feels like a bunch of bubbles around your feet. For 15 minuets it is $30 but they do have a package that is a 15 minuet fish spa and a natural pedicure, which includes a foot scrub,  for $45. I recommend the package, it was such a relaxing experience after the initial shock of fish around my feet.

Cindy is the owner of La Vie. She was very Friendly and informative about the fish spa. The staff was extremely nice and helpful. They made sure all the customers were comfortable and gave excellent customer service.  All of the equipment used was sterilized and sanitized. It is a great place to come and get pampered. La Vie also hosts spa parties for different events. They do take in walk-ins but you can also make an appointment by calling 480-899-9889. They are located at 1534 E. Ray Rd, Suite 117 on the North West corner of Val Vista and Ray rd, right behind Discount Tire Company.

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