Joe’s Real Barbeque

Every year when we do our head of household survey for the Town of Gilbert we ask what people like most about the town, the most common answer is “That small town feel”.  A lot of things come together to give our town that feel but I am not sure any business in town does more to give a small town feel than Joe’s Real Barbeque.  It is located at 301 N. Gilbert Rd in one of Gilbert;s few remaining historical buildings.  The old brick building, built in the twenties, was Gilbert’s first movie theatre and has been everything from a grocery store to a church. 

When Joe Johnston acquired the building he restored it and made it look the part of a small town barbeque restaurant.  You’ll love the inside of the building, heck you’ll love the outside of the building.  The food and especially the  barbeque sauce is why Joe’s is wildly successful.  Everyone loves Joe’s and everyone has their favorite at Joe’s, mine is the “Hot Links” plate, with a side of cheesy potatoes.  It isn’t hard to understand why Joe’s was named Arizona’s 2008 Official Best BBQ.  Don’t forget to try the “home made” root beer.  Joe’s is always busy, but always worth the wait.  They also have a great take-out service and catering.

You can find more information about Jos’s at or call at (480) 503-3805


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