Why there are no adult book stores in Gilbert, Az

Tonight at the Gilbert Town Council Meeting one of the council members brought up regulating tattoo shops,body piercing shops, payday loan shops and shops that sell Hookah’s.  I am not sure what kind of support that will have, but one thing we don’t have in Gilbert, and I don’t think we will ever have is an adult book store. 

In 1989 in my first term as mayor I pushed through the toughest adult book store law in Arizona.  It is so tough our attorneys said it may well be unconstitutional, I said “We’ll take our chances”.  Actually it was a compromise for me, I wanted to make it tougher.  Most adult book store ordinances set a distance requirement.  You can’t put an adult book store within 150′ of a church, 300′ of a school etc.  My thought was not to allow an adult book store within one mile of a paved road.  The attorney’s said that was extreme, but you gotta try. 

To this day there is not a single adult oriented business in Gilbert, and when you consider we have a population over 210,000 and that we are larger than Ft. Lauderdale Florida, that is pretty amazing.


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